Work With Me

Below are some of the things I offer.

ILLUSTRATOR: I provide illustrations and artwork for authors, or anyone who needs a hand drawn image for their work. You can see my portfolio here.

HR CONSULTING: I am also a Human Resources consultant to creative entrepreneurs and small companies, while bringing a strong knowledgebase to the table for an affordable price. I love working with young, up and coming people and companies who share the same vision, so if you think our values line up, please reach out! See my online resume here and HR services here.

BOOK COACHING: If you’re wanting to publish your first book online and make a living from it, I offer self-publishing coaching as well here.

TAROT READING: There is nothing mystical about a tarot reading. I’m not interested in predicting the future, or digging up secrets of your past. I’m interested in how we can use tarot to understand ourselves better, as a personal development tool to help us gain better insight into who we are, and how we can choose better paths to move forward. Tarot cards are an excellent way to explore the subconscious by bringing it conscious. Learn more here.

Drop me a line here to reach out to me.