Tarot Card Reading


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Have you ever been curious about what the tarot deck can do for you?

When we work with tarot cards we are working with archetypes that exist within all of us. A reading is an incredible journey into exploring how we can use tarot to understand ourselves better, connect spiritually, and use as a personal development tool. Tarot cards help us gain better insight into who we are, and how we can choose better paths to move forward and so they are an excellent way to explore the subconscious by bringing it conscious.

I truly believe that we already have the answers to what we are seeking, and the tarot cards are a beautiful way to present us with ways of seeing that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. This empowers us to be the causing agents of our lives, and not at the will of others or the external world.

I am a certified tarot card reader with fifteen years background in the psychology and personal development fields so I offer a grounded, therapeutic and intuitive approach to the reading. Whether you want to gain some insight into your life, or just have a little bit of fun, please contact me if you would like a reading.

Readings can be done in person, via Facetime/GoogleHangouts/Skype or via email.

20 Minute Reading: $20 CAD

I’m also available for parties or events, contact me for inquiries.

Kind words:

“I just wanted a quick general online reading, no burning questions, but I was actually completely surprised! With zero information from me, Pia put together a celtic cross spread highlighting specific aspects of my life and reoccurring themes. I listened to the recording continually wondering “How could she possibly know this?” It addressed issues I’ve been thinking about for a while that were 100% accurate, with suggestions on how to improve them and which actions would best suit me. It was a great experience and verified a lot for me personally. Absolutely enlightening, thanks Pia!” ~ Brent Faddies (BFAD) www.djbfad.com

“Pia is a warm and welcoming tarot card reader. I was honestly nervous and had never had a reading before but went in open minded and was very satisfied with my experience. She is genuinely invested in your overall happiness when she reads the tarot for you. She is insightful and full of sound advice. I enjoyed my reading with her. I will be following her suggestions. She is the real deal. I highly recommend her if you are needing clarity.” ~ Jyoti

“This is my first Tarot card reading and I was blown away by the accuracy of my reading. It helped put lots into perspective and confirmed for me where my relationship is at and what I can expect for the future. I highly recommend a reading with Pia.” ~ Anonymous