Hygge: Se rejouir des choses simples, Ma recette danoise du bonheur (French)

Nous sommes pris dans une course permanente, du matin au soir, surmenés et inondés d’information. Nous n’avons sans doute jamais été aussi déconnectés de nous-mêmes et de nos proches.
Ce n’est pas une fatalité  ! Vous pouvez redécouvrir la joie d’une vie simple et chaleureuse grâce au Hygge, l’art de vivre danois.

  • Découvrez le secret du Hygge, ce phénomène culturel danois qui fait du Danemark le pays le plus heureux du monde.
  • Retrouvez le goût   des petites choses et simplifiez-vous la vie.
  • Ajoutez du Hygge à tous les aspects de votre existence, grâce à des exemples pratiques et de nombreux conseils.
  • Vivez une vie plus saine et centrée sur ce qui vous rend heureux.

Ce charmant petit livre de Pia Edberg, psychologue danoise spécialiste du Hygge, vous aidera à donner de l’authenticité à votre quotidien et à être acteur de votre bien-être.

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The Cozy Life: Rediscover the Joy of the Simple Things Through the Danish Concept of Hygge

In today’s world, we’re constantly rushing from one thing to the next and are struggling with information overload. We’re more disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones than ever before. Rediscover the joy of the simple things through the Danish concept of Hygge in The Cozy Life. This book will inspire you to slow down and enjoy life’s cozy moments!

  • Learn about the Danish cultural phenomenon of Hygge, and the secret to why Denmark is consistently rated the happiest country in the world
  • Embrace the little things and take simplicity and minimalism up a notch
  • Add Hygge into every aspect of your life with practical examples and tips
  • Say goodbye to the Winter Blues and live a healthier, centred life

This charming little book, filled with hand drawn illustrations, beautifully addresses that yearning we all have for a more authentic life, created by ourselves instead of external forces.

What’s stopping you from living a more meaningful and connected life?

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Charlie the Cat!

Charlie the Cat! is an inspiring tale about a curious kitty who knows there has to be more to life than what everyone tells him. Follow Charlie’s adventures as he greets his neighborhood friends and discovers a happy surprise!

Author and Illustrator, Pia Edberg, has written this book as a way to inspire people of all ages to become anything they dream of. Having always been a lover of all creatures great and small, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal welfare causes.

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to all the boys who broke my heart, and turned my feelings into art

Written over a 16-year period during adolescence into young adulthood, ‘to all the boys who broke my heart, and turned my feelings into art’ is a collection of poetry about the emotions that love and lust can stir within us as we navigate through first crushes and relationships while trying to figure out who we are.

This book is for anyone who has ever felt the cold rejection of caring for someone who doesn’t love them back. Let this book serve as a reminder to always love yourself first.

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